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Ken Driessen Legal Defense Fund

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Motion for Stay of Sentance
Motion for Reconsideration
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Homo Sapiens Declaration
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Brief 2010AP1050 Amended
2nd Appeal Progress
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I never thought I would ever beg anybody for anything in my life. It is not realy outright begging because if you enjoy marijuana and you don't feel you should be arrested for possession of it I am working for you. If you want marijuana users to be able to pay taxes on the marijuana they buy, I am working for you. I will put the money to good use and I will publish the names of donors who want their name out there and I will keep private the names of those who want to be anonymous. I will keep records of how much money I raise and publish that here. Please feel free to email me here if you want to help in the effort to re-legalize marijuana.

Ken Driessen

12022 N. Co. Rd. T

Hayward Wisconsin 54843

Marijuana Is Legal Prohibition The Crime