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The following Declaration (manifesto) describes what will become the prevalent philosophy of life if we are to survive and fulfill our potential as truly intelligent humane beings. Just like each one of us are individually a work in progress, this declaration, species and biosphere inclusive, is a work in progress: 


The collective cooperative effort toward the health well-being and longevity of each individual as well as all life on the planet.  To accomplish this requires horizontal rather than vertical hierarchal organization, it requires love. We must come to be lead by a set of rules that applies to all equally rather than elitist sociopath individuals who believe the rules do not apply to them.  


Don't Follow Me


What you are about to read is probably the most important writing you will ever read. This essay signifies the beginning of the next level of human awareness, consciousness. In the past our social structure was based on herding and packing instincts. We followed individuals rather than any meaningful rational lesson or plan for our betterment as individuals within the collective of our entire human family, scientifically know as the Homo sapiens species. In fact no so designated 'leader' to this very day expresses even a hint at a plan for or consideration for humans on a species inclusive scale. US presidents constantly speak about defending American interests abroad. Is this a character fault deep within our genetic makup? Are we predestined to become extinct through the dysfunctional, homicidal and suicidal tendencies of the people we let lead us?

I don't believe so. I believe there are subtle psychological advantages within our current social structure that allow people with less compassion that are mentally deficient and incapable of the emotions of love to rise to positions of power and wealth. They are unable to truly care about others of their own species or respect all forms of life, rather they are programmed to seek to dominate, manipulate and lord over others with all other 'normal' humane thought patterns being suppressed. This slight nihilistic advantage of setting aside emotion to achieve their personal goals of power and wealth regardless of the cost to the surrounding living community must be a determining factor. So on a species inclusive scale, no plan, no direction and no effort or communication for the health wellbeing and longevity of each individual nor our species as a whole is possible; we have no leader and I don't believe we should have. We must be lead by ideas and constitutional principles that come through a collective cooperative effort rather than by individuals aspiring and able to ascend to the top of a false hierarchal ladder.        


Declaration Of Homo Sapiens 

1. I am part of a limited biosphere.  While there may be other forms of life that have senses and a system of reacting to our surroundings in the present together with a memory and future goals we humans tend to recognise ourselves as the dominant species on planet Earth. Until we learn self regulation and preservation we are no better than fruit flies in a jar or even mold in a Petri dish.      


2. I am a life form, a species one of many on what we call a planet that rotates itself and also maintains a circular, slightly eliptical, orbital path around the sun. The greater physical realm we call the universe is made up of time, space matter and energy.   


3. My species on this earth consists of approximately 6.6 billion individuals in January 2011 the way planet revolutions are currently counted. By January 2012 we are said to be over 7 billion. Over population and increasing scarcity of resources per person is a danger to our long term survival.   


4. This dysfunctional murderous suicidal direction is the state of our human family presently.  We must begin to think on a Homo Sapiens species inclusive level. We must think on a level that takes the continued life of the entire biosphere into consideration. If we do not destroy ourselves, we can exist and even thrive here on Earth for millions of years.

5. Our bodies are made up of somewhere between 25 and 100 trillion individual cells that a;; work together on an equal basis.  Just as within our bodies, when one or several cells decide they want to rule, like a cancerous disease, the body and the life a destroyed and killed; the same will happen to all life.    


6. We display a certain level of consciousness as individuals and a lesser level of consciousness as a species all inclusive unit. Functioning on a species level and improving the conditions for our survive as such is on a higher plane of consciousness than what is now displayed by our species regardless of social class or academic structured educational experience.  


7. Religion and god are traditional method of expressing allegiance as well as serve as a mental survival mechanism or a part of the human psyche that cannot be denied. On the other hand, God was certainly and absolutely undeniably invented by men. Reading of so called holy or sacred texts themselves reveals the writer's or at least the master's of the writers sadistic lust for power and wealth.   Currently these psychological mythical mechanisms do not enhance our chances of survival neither on an individual or species inclusive scale.



8. God is a psychological tool invented by men to control and use other humans to their advantage. Any chance of an eternal connection will come only through our species will to learn to live on this planet for at least a million years. In that time we have the capability to know the physical universe well enough to exist in all time and space simultaneously. 


9. Time is not absolutely linear. The old dead hierarchal sadistic spiritual teachings of original sin and final judgment day lead to human extinction. The more we revolt and rebel against this insanity the greater the reflection, the echo, the vibration back from the infinite connection that will happen in the future becomes. Please join the living.




(c)2012 Ken Driessen